Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It's finally happening…and it's been a long time coming.

DC just announced the new Batman: Li'l Gotham series that Dustin Nguyen and I are working on. I'm on co-pilot duties as the idea & story man, while Dustin also is writing and (more importantly) gorgeously painting this whole thing. Every month on every major holiday, starting with Halloween, is an all new 10 page story with the Li'l Gothams.

Dustin has gotten known for drawing in the "smaller" style for awhile now. He doesn't even like to use the name chibi. Because here's the secret….these aren't baby characters. They're just drawn smaller (no diapers here Marvel…wink wink). He's drawn them for fun and also for prints he sells at conventions. He's worked on merchandising art and samples for toys. And has always been pushing to do a project with them at DC.

Weird to think that we did get our chance very briefly. During 2009, we got to work on two 2 page shorts with "Lil Gotham" that ran in the Detective Comics and Batman annuals for that year. You can read those below…

Those earlier stories should give a good idea on the style of art and the writing. We're keeping it very fun and loose. It's definitely a fan-service homage to characters from our runs on Detective Comics and Streets Of Gotham with Paul Dini (who gave us a nice congratulatory twitter shoutout), along with our deep love for all things Batman: The Animated Series. And really, the long history of Batman in general…comics and cartoons.

I think the thing I love most about anything Batman, is just that….anything Batman. This character, more than most, has this unique ability to tap into all ages and story types, across multiple platforms. And each has it's place. From the campy Adam West tv show, to the various animated series, films, and video games. With Batman, there really is something for everyone out there, whether you're a kid or an adult.

Those that have followed our runs in the comics, will recognize all sorts of beloved characters. I think we get as much enjoyment out of including everything as the fans do spotting them. And there'll be more easter eggs to come. We're not sticking to any hard continuity on this, in order to be able to play around with as many characters and versions of them as we can.

I'll be covering more in the future. So cruise over to Comixology tomorrow before you head out to get your candy, and get our first issue of Batman: Li'l Gotham. No trick this time…only treats.

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