Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The HERO Initiative is this great organization that helps out creators in hard times. Those from the early days of comics that didn't have the perks or financial security that those of us today have or have planned for. Most of the creators from yesteryear, now in their waning years, have run into financial troubles that come with rent, food, or even more serious conditions involving their health care. The HERO Initiative helps raise money through various charitable means to give back to those creators that need a helping hand.

Their most popular fundraiser are one of a kind specialty sketch covers, usually based around a first issue or anniversary issue. They've done covers mainly with Marvel (I've worked on ones for Wolverine, Avengers, and Fantastic Four) and also DC (I worked on one for the JLA). Most recent is the one based on The Walking Dead #100. Of all the covers they do, they actually get 100 covers drawn by roughly 100 different artists (some guys end up drawing two covers). That this fundraiser involves my favorite current monthly comic, one of which I've been following since the very first issue, made it easy to work on.

I picked my favorite character in the book, Carl, and came up with the idea of staging it like a class photo. Sadly his friends and classmates have all become zombies. Carl is the only one remaining from that class still human (or what passes for human in his one-eyed apocalyptic world). My good friend, Ken Jones, did the pencils this go around with me on inks. I'm really happy how it turned out. And hopefully the proceeds from its sale help in a small way towards creators from previous generations.

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