Monday, July 9, 2012


As Justice League Beyond continues in Batman Beyond Unlimited, the scope of the stories we wanted was to have them move out of Gotham into other parts of the DC Universe. With Cadmus playing such a large role in the Justice League Unlimited show and in the Beyond timeline, it seemed natural that there would be all sorts of Cadmus compounds scattered around the globe. One such secretive one, as funded by Luthor, would be hidden on Dinosaur Island. And that's where the story continues in this issue before heading over to a secret Kobra base.


The idea was to keep the green & purple color scheme design for the robots, mimicking Lex's own familiar power suit.


Lex's very focused collection of Kryptonian artifacts (as well as other items) would lend itself to a lot of mystery. We already know that Superman has kept his own rocketship from Krypton as part of his collection in the Fortress Of Solitude. But maybe it wasn't the only one to make it off the planet. Superman's vision when touching this ship yields a saying in Kryptonian here.


When coming up with where the Ouroboros would be found by Kobra, I had read and heard from friends about the mysterious "bloop" phenomenon (do a google search for it…it's pretty fascinating and Cthulhu-esque). Where deep sea sonar had picked up this sound many fathoms deep that's been a mystery. Instead of inventing some place on the fly for this giant snake to be called forth from (alternate reality, wormhole, etc.), here was something more grounded in actual fact, right down to it's specific location. Always a happy accident when something like this falls in your lap.


The mind control device that Amanda Waller is being forced to wear, is the same one Kobra has used before in the series finale to Batman Beyond.

Watch List:  Batman Beyond episode "Unmasked"


This is the first mention of Aquaman in the Justice League Beyond comic. He'll also show up in the next issue as well as the Beyond: Origins story for Aquagirl. For the future Justice League's appearance in the Batman Beyond show, there's a fleeting mention of Aquaman on Aquagirl's database entry on the computer. His whereabouts at that time were "unknown". I'm sure there's a backstory there waiting to be told, but we won't be referring back to that anytime soon.

Watch List:  Batman Beyond episodes "The Call parts 1 & 2"

Not a whole lot of surprises or easter eggs for this issue, but still many more to come as we move forward!


  1. Man, I had never heard of the "bloop" before this, I just thought the coordinates were random.

    Great job connecting the snake god to both that bit of science and R'lyeh from Cthulhu.

    1. Crazy how it sometimes works out.

      And we'll get a chance to finally see the snake in all its glory very soon!