Tuesday, July 17, 2012


With the third issue of Batman Beyond Unlimited, the title got a little more crowded (of course, wait until next issue). The Beyond universe of titles could now expand. Batman Beyond gave way to Justice League Beyond, and now a solo Superman Beyond could continue out of that.

In order to share space having all three under the same print issue, it will be a rotation. One main story will get 20 pages (or two digital issues collected), while the other two titles would get 10 pages each. The feature story will change on a monthly basis.

PAGES 1 & 2

For our Kobra Queen, part of the fun of writing is the research involved. Doing a search for Snake Goddesses resulted in statues and art of a very common deity in Minoan tradition. I sent a couple of these scans as reference to Dustin, who then spun his own take off of them, applying the very cool headdress.

I had only listed a few nondescript guards in her palace chambers, but Dustin went ahead and drew the more dino reptilian inspired versions that were seen in the show. He gave them more of a serpent spin to their appearance here. Always great leaving room for the artist to add their visual interpretive sense to the page.

Watch List:  Batman Beyond episode "The Curse Of The Kobra part 2"


Probably more of an in-joke gag between Dustin and I, but we just thought it would be a fun running theme to associate Micron's appearances linked to that sort of healing human test tube chamber. It was in the show, and now makes its appearance here (as well as his Beyond: Origin story coming up). Due to his special condition, I could see him being monitored this way , especially in his early years.

Watch List:  Batman Beyond episode "The Call part 1"

This is a call back to the Justice League Unlimited episode. An older Amanda Waller mentions needing to take pills for her memory, and I thought it would be a nice way to tie-in exactly what was the cause of that (aside from old age, it would be Kobra and Spellbinder's mind control techniques that damaged her).

Watch List:  Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue"


This page goes through a lot of history for the characters throughout the shows as well as setting up some of their Beyond: Origins stories, some still yet to come (Warhawk's parents, how Barda worked with the United Nations, and Aquaman's famous short fuse). And of course this little nugget…a little foreshadowing to Terry and Waller's conversation in "Epilogue".

Watch List:  Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue"


Checkmate, or at least Waller's connection to it, I don't think was ever really integrated into the DCAU. But here was a chance to at least reference it. And a chance to have a blink-and-you'll-miss cameo by Professor Emil Hamilton.


This is the issue where you start to feel the Kirby love. Pretty much a love letter to Jack Kirby, throughout this entire arc storyline. And we start with the Challengers Of The Unknown. I wanted Dustin to create an iconic cover type image, where they'd always have the team fighting off some giant monster. Dustin didn't disappoint.

Dustin even fished out a panel from the old comics to include as a black and white photo hanging on the wall…back during their younger days.

"The Genesis War" is first hinted at here. We'll explain more about this in the Beyond: Origin story for Barda, still to come.


Finally we get to see how Aquaman looks in the Beyond timeline. Very Poseidon, "old man of the sea" look to him. Still with the hook hand, as adopted into the DCAU, and his Atlantean soldiers in their familiar armor as well. And even though the Ouroboros awoke and rose from the depths, to devastate the Atlanteans, I never saw it as Aquaman's death. No worries…he lives to fight another day.


What can I say about this page? Pure guilty pleasure. Again keeping with the Kirby love, I wanted to show the giant serpent gaining access to other worlds and realities, to test out it's power. So I took four Kirby creations, and had Dustin recreate some of their famous covers or panels and inserting the snake into them. Featured are Kamandi, Atlas, OMAC, and the Forever People.


  1. This was probably my favorite issue thus far, I loved all the Easter eggs. And the Beyond suit with a cape? that's just a fantastic look.

    1. Thanks. You can thank Dustin for the cape. Before we started working on JLB, we talked about ways we could also make it our own. One of the first things he suggested was wanting to give Terry a new batsuit. Then it was just a matter of finding a way to work it into the story in a logical way. You'll see more of it in action the next issue.