Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It's been a busy last few days as preparations have been underway for DC's announcement of their "Villains Month" for all its September released comics.  While there are those that hate the interruption between their regular titles they pick up and these new stories, I'm always a strong advocate for done-in-one stories. Probably because I came from that generation that grew up in the 70's and 80's where comics were mostly told in one issue. There were continuing stories throughout the comics. But generally you could go into a comic shop or drug store spinner rack, and pick up any issue, and be told a full story. Not a part of a 6 or 12 issue series, but one fully realized story. And that this "Villains Month" gets to focus on all the villainous rogues at DC, is a great way to do a lot of interesting character based stories. To get at the heart (the dark heart) of what makes these villains evil. To let them run with wild abandon. And maybe in the process, shed some new light on who they are and what motivates them.

I was invited to work on the Poison Ivy story, and am more than happy for the opportunity. While it might not look it, I haven't done much writing for DC's publishing arm in New York. The majority of my writing comes from the Digital arm of the company out in Burbank (Arkham City, Arkham Unhinged, Justice League Beyond, Batman: Li'l Gotham). To be asked to join the event over in NY, was out of the blue, and very exciting. And that I get to write one of my favorite femme fatales in Batman's rogues gallery was the added treat.

I won't get into what the story is about just yet, other than my focus on character, character, character. Where Ivy comes from and where she's going. What motivates her and what's her desire. If I do this right, she can be seen as more than just an eco-terrorist. That there's something driving her to do what she does.