Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The next to last chapter of Arkham City End Game came out this week. With this chapter, I felt it was important to sort of come back to the beginning. Since the Arkham-verse of the games started with Arkham Asylum, it would seem fitting to bring it back full circle here. And you get to see the passage of time with how the island appears today, over a year since the first game took place.

The whole purpose of End Game was to really put Batman through an emotional wringer with the Joker, in life and in death. And of course the chaotic effect that has on everyone around them.

I recall reading a tumblr feed where someone said the story and flashbacks had the feel of "Silence Of The Lambs", and I take that as the highest of compliments. There's plenty of knockdown action stories out there with Batman in them. But I'll always gravitate to the more psychological aspects, which is what I was attempting in End Game. Especially when pitting Batman against the Joker for the fate of their souls. And having it all take place in a dark cell in a long abandoned Asylum seemed fitting. As if Arkham couldn't get any creepier.

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