Friday, June 8, 2012


I thought we'd get things started by showing a couple pages from the current project I'm writing, Arkham City: End Game. This is of course, based on the popular Arkham City game by Rocksteady. And DC has been releasing comic stories based in that Arkham-verse for awhile now; starting with a mini-series, digital exclusive stories, the ongoing Arkham Unhinged series, and now this special 6-part story that takes place after the end of the game.

These are the first two pages of script along with the art (by Jason Shawn Alexander). A chance to see how I described it to the artist and how he interprets it with his heavy black inkwork that really sets the mood.



Panel One - We open our story inside a small darkened room at an undisclosed location. Jim Gordon stands alone, looking down towards us at something out of our view. He should be in a work shirt and tie.

Panel Two - Same as panel one, as Batman now steps forward from the darkness behind Gordon, to join alongside him. Both looking down towards us now. We might only be able to make out Batman's eyes and heavy shadowed body in the darkness.

1) GORDON:  The more I look at him, the more I keep expecting him to wake up. Laugh. Anything.

Panel Three - Side profile of the two of them as they quietly stand beside each other, looking down.

2) GORDON:  But it’s been what…weeks now? Months? I can’t even remember anymore.

3) GORDON:  I just know one thing…


Panel One - Half page splash. The only thing in this panel is an overhead nice full shot of Joker's dead body lying flat on a slab. His permanent grin still frozen exactly on his face the last time we saw him in the game as he died on the floor. His face still shows the effects of the Titan poisoning he died from, with open sores and gashes.

1) GORDON:  …the Joker is dead!

Panel Two - Closeup on Joker's frozen smile.

Panel Three - Closeup on Joker's eye as it's still open, but it's lost the color in it's retina. It now looks foggy as all life has left him. He's definitely dead. Maybe through the cloudy eye, we see Batman and Gordon reflected as they look.

2) GORDON (off panel):  It’s funny you know…


From there, Gordon continues his statement into the next page, as things go from bad to worse throughout the story. But there ya go. And hopefully those first two pages are enough of an enticement for you to want to find out the rest of the story. You can purchase the comics on Comixology from the link at the beginning of this blog post.

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